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you are so special to me


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 930513 ♡ Princess Minah Day

beautiful and talented bang minah, thank you for always fighting and working hard for what you love. for having your amazing personality and lighting up my life every day, with your angelic smile and wonderful voice. but most importantly thank you for being born. happy birthday!

[May 13th, 2014] Happy 21st Birthday, Bang Minah!

To Girl’s Day’s precious main vocal, happy birthday! You have been with this group since the very beginning, through all the good times as well as all the bad. You love your members like family, and you’ve never failed to deliver in fan service. You’ve been getting well-deserved attention for your vocals for years, but your priority has always been Girl’s Day and the group’s fans. You’re always looking to improve and to fulfill your dreams while making sure your fans have eaten and are well. You’ve even tried to be sexy, but I’m sorry, you’ll never be as sexy as Sojin. But keep trying, because it’s part of your charm! Thank you, don’t ever change, and have a fantastic, restful birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Minah♥

happy 21st birthday bang minah

i guess you could say this last year tells of a story, my story, of how i came to love someone as precious as you. how last year my journey into girl’s day began and there was one member who stood out to me. her voice was strong and powerful and her confidence in front of the camera drew me immediately, that person was you. since then i was fascinated, i looked up almost all the videos that existed to try and find out everything about you, and i’m still not finished, still not satisfied, because there are always new things to learn about you. you’re just endlessly wonderful, how could i ever get bored of you?

i shouldn’t need to tell you, you should really already know, but your fanservice is really out of this world, i don’t know how you do it, how you manage to work so tirelessly day after day and still wear a face of happiness and a smile so bubbly. after just one meeting with people they have nothing but bright memories of you, you never forget your fans are there, and you go out of your way literally to give them: one hand hold, one wave, one little piece of eye contact.  the energy you put into every single performance, no matter how tired, is infectious. sometimes i still watch fancams and i don’t think i’ll ever be over how you manage to jump around that stage with an enthusiasm that just cannot be matched. 

i can say it inspires me seeing you so happy after all you have been through. you are still working hard, all to get what you dream of. you said you get something ridiculous like six hours of sleep a week. but there was no complaint from you, none, you simply enjoy it and appreciate what you have, where you’ve come from and what that means.

thank you for being so hard working, trying to improve your talents, being your little bouncy self, and shining so brightly for me. it’s a great gift, and an honour to be your fan, and i am always proud of you. i love you. i wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day <3 happy birthday, minah.

140513. happy birthday to the ever inspiring and smiling angel, bang minah! princess, you have come a long and dark road to reach the light in which you stand today, and i hope you know that us dai5ys have been here and will continue to be here for you and the other members to guide you guys even through the darkest moments. i hope you have a splendid birthday and please continue to brighten up our days with your smile! happy birthday, bang minah ♡


Happy Bithday Minah! (≧ω≦) 

Happy Birthday, Bang Minah! 

#HappyMinahDay #PrincessMinahDay 

May 13th - To the lovable aegyo queen, the soulful main vocal, and the beautiful eye smiles of Girl’s Day, Bang Minah, I wish you the happiest of birthdays this year.

happy birthday to the princess of my life, bang minah! c: 

May 13th, 2014 - Happy Birthday, Bang Minah!  Shine as brightly as you always have and please know that you are adored and supported on this special day!

930513 #HappyMinahDay #PrincessMinahDay

The kind of girl who’d like to spend her birthday quietly as if it were not that big a deal and all she’d like to hear is the simple yet traditional “Happy birthday!”
The kind of girl who’d prefer giving presents to others rather than receiving them.

Born on May 13, 1993, Girl’s Day Minah just turned 21 and all I can say is that I couldn’t have chosen a better bias than her.  Thanks for making me so happy despite the thousand miles away from what we are. I hope someday to meet you and tell you how much I admire you.

Happy birthday Minnie! ♥


Happy Birthday, Bang Minah!
We salute you very much. 
Being a dancer, visual and a good main vocalist.
So I think, you deserve this day, to relax and chill out
Because, it’s your birthday!
Girls Day, Fighting! Saranghamnidaaaaaaaaaa!
throws heart sign.
Everyday, Girls Day!

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